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What is Chores Pass?

Chores Pass Inc. is an online, on-demand home cleaning service platform primarily servicing the GTA region. The platform is currently in incubation and is expected to fully launch by Q1 2019. Backed by astute investors with experience in technology, logistics and financial services,ChoresPass is focused on easing access to home cleaning services with dynamic pricing.

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You only pay us minimal fee on the total service charge for completed jobs through Chores Pass

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Become a Partner!

Goes without saying, It’s great to work for yourself. So, on that note let us jump right into the benefits of being a Chores Pass Service-Partner.

1. Flexibility

How many gigs can you say will let you choose your own hours to work?
Whether it’s first thing in the morning, or late in the evening, you choose how many hours you want to work and what time you want to work.

2. Be Your Own Boss

You don’t have anyone calling you and asking why you didn’t show up to work today. Our system provides you with the snapshot of your schedule with real time updates.
You get to choose when you work and where you are going to work. Depending upon your scheduled capacity and availability, you may choose to service multiple areas.

3. Control Your Pay

It’s simple - You get to choose your own service rates. Put up your best rates to stay ahead of the competition.

4. Demand Driven Pricing with Downside Protection

All that to say, it’s demand and supply.
If you are servicing an area that is “surging” 2.0x, then that means your service rate will be 2x the regular price.

This means double the money you make for the same work. You do not have to do anything, our system will automatically take care of it.

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